Where Have You Been?

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Hello my friends!


I have gotten a lot of questions about where am I? I am still here and I still plan on keeping this website. Our lives took a turn I think for the better and I ended up getting a new job that involves more hours than the other one did. With all that being said I had to take a step back from the good old laptop.  Even though I have not been posting I log in everyday and think why not one post, just one post a day or maybe two. I am grateful for all of you who stuck with me throughout all these years and I think today is a great day to start this back up. Hopefully it will be bigger and better things.



On another note with everything going on in the world today try to smile, try to laugh and most importantly remember to love one another.

Stay safe out there!




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  1. MichaelPureSoul says

    I miss the Free Music posts 🙁

  2. Welcome back! I’m glad to see you’re up and about, hale and hearty. Congratulations on the new job, and enjoy the transition.

    Yes, I must admit that I met you through your free music posts, and I’ve missed you terribly! I’ll probably still leave that tab open and refresh it every once in a while, hoping … Perhaps you could post a “secrets of finding Google’s (and others’) free music” entry so that we can try it on our own 🙂

    • MumbleBee says

      Thank you! Honestly I had no real trick to finding the I would just spend hour a day searching and bookmarking all the songs. Seems that google has changed or gotten rid of a lot of them Now they are harder to find.

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