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Extreme Boogie (Entire Album)










The Cyborgs


About the artist

The Cyborgs is a two man band of ‘’elektrock’’ boogie. Their name are “Zero” and “One”.  They are called “0” and “1” as the symbols of the binary code, which represent the beginning and the end of man. From the binary code the technological era begins, and with the technological development the man, in the future, it will self-destruct. ZERO and ONE. Start and end. They are traveling everywhere communicating their ideals through the Blues, trying to move consciences, preaching a return to the past and simplicity. They often sing of the future, prophesying and describing the changes of the human race over time. Disorder, chaos, pollution and rebellion of man and nature. “We are destroying ourselves, and this is under our eyes of all, even if nobody talks about it. ” Two men, a band, the Blues … n ° 0 electric guitar and voice n ° 1 all the rest (sinth, piano, drums, percussion) SAVE YOUR FACE! if you don’t dance there is no future …

Description provided by artist representative.

They may ask for credit card information through Google Play, but it is 100% completely FREE and you will not be charged!



May 1, 2015
℗ 2015 INRI
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