Free Amazon Android App of the Day 8/01/2019

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Free Amazon Android App of the Day for 8/01/2019 only!


Normally $0.01 but for today it is FREE!!

Car Mechanic Simulator 2019

Product features

  • Features of Car Mechanic Simulator 2019: Car Builder Auto Repair Sports Car Factory
  • Realistic car factory environment
  • Multiple Sports cars and SUVs to assemble
  • Car test driving track
  • Car paining both
  • Amusing music

Product description

Build amazing cars in a auto repair car building factory on a assembly line, fix multiple parts of sports cars, fix tire, car headlights and place engine with the crane on the assembly line, paint your car with the color of your own choice, & then take it for the test drive outside the car factory. You might have played many car mechanic games but this unique addition come with many different tasks almost never seen in many of the other games, so if you want to be an auto car mechanic or love cars then this one is a must install. You have got three different cars in a single place under one roof enjoy being a car mechanic in a game for free.

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