Free Amazon Android App of the Day 7/08/2019

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Free Amazon Android App of the day for 7/08/2019 only!


Normally $0.01 but for today it’s FREE!!


Forest Survival Hunting

Product features

  • Marvelous & Amazing 3D Hill Mountain Survival Environment
  • Easy & Smooth Controls to Freely move & Hunt the Bigfoot
  • An open environment in the northern forests of medieval towns
  • Use Bow and shotgun to Hunt the Bigfoot monster
  • Use sniper rifle to hunt down yeti beast
  • Explore this astonishing world.
  • Use everything you find to survive and hunt

Product description

The goal is very easy ,just track and hunt down the monstrous beast.
In our games, we have a lot of vivid scene and characters, they are rich and colorful. You can have a excellent experience like 3D movies enough. Although the adventure is fantastic, you must be careful about monster, survival is the most important thing!You need all kinds of weapons to travel through the forest to explore, and hunting monsters, in order to obtain the capital to survive! But you should pay attention to those big-footed monsters, they are very ferocious.
The slightest little bit of inattention can let those monsters attack you!This monster have already killed a lot of people and it knows what to do. This thing is clever and already know your weak sides. Always remember that in any moment a hunter may become a prey. Place traps, set up cameras to look around and always be ready for an attack from behind. This thing is clever and already know your weak sides.

Forest Survival Hunting 3D is a brand new experience for you! Invite your friends and play together in coop mode. Step it up into the brawl with wild beast! Its not a problem if you don’t have friends, you can still play in cooperation mode by finding a random player. Survive and get the prey! It’s time to start a new life.Good luck and good hunt!

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