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More Greek Myths (Entire Album)








Dust Jacket

About the artist

So when it was time to get down to the brass tacks on this MySpace “About Dust Jacket” issue, we considered many angles. However, being from Phoenix, the obvious starting point seemed to be the phrase “rising from the ashes”. We sat around the expansive piece of wood we call a conference table here at Dust Jacket headquarters and let the debate rage: Is that the type of artless symbolism we wanted to purport? Didn’t the phrase “rising from the ashes” smack of the Press Kit chapter in a Marketing 110 course? Wasn’t this concept just a bit too ..Hellenistic.. for us anyway? It was decided; cathartic ash-rising is simply not for Dust Jacket. We prefer rolling around in ashes to rising from them. We douse ourselves in our disasters and smear them on our cheeks. When we wake up and see the snow of our mistakes coating our world, making our lives seem lunar, we much prefer to put on our mittens and fashion disaster-ash snowballs. In making instruments of delight and rapture from our blizzards, we rob them of their overbearing power. This is why Dust Jacket (LLC) exists today. And also as a tax shelter… Dust Jacket has been a band since 2002. In that time we’ve performed with ..Vampire Weekend.., ..Cold War Kids.., ..Frightened Rabbit.. , ..Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin.., ..Oxford Collapse.., ..Oh No! Oh My!.., ..New Model Army.., ..Dolorean.., ..Tally Hall.. , ..Port O’Brien.., ..Arizona.., No Things (former members of Liars), ..The Earlies.., ..The Mendoza Line.., ..Kickball.., ..Knife Skills.., ..Matt Hopper.., ..Capgun Coup.., and ..Heather Duby.., amongst others. With two self-released EP’s tucked carefully in our belt, (..Dust Jacket.. – 2004 and ..Our Tapestries are Thrift Store Quilts.. – 2005.) we are currently recording an LP, playing around Phoenix, and touring regionally. We will come to your town soon, I promise… ..Here is the slander and libel people have been spreading about us:…. ….Regarding “Our Tapestries are Thrift Store Quilts” EP…. ..”Dust Jacket is not afraid of pop, they’re just afraid of mindlessness.” ….-Kimber Lanning, 944 Magazine…… “Dust Jacket’s poetic lyrics stand out like Bob Dylan next to that first, infamous amplifier”.. ..-Niki D’Andrea, Phoenix New Times…. Never before have I had such a mixed reaction to a release. At times… absolutely brilliant, crossing early Built to Spill and Modest Mouse. However… I bounced between bitch slapping the nearest teenager or losing myself in it’s fragile beauty. Give them a hug and wait for puberty, it will be worth it… …. – Junco Tibet (…. ..“Conan Zimmerman… may be one of the best lyricists the Valley’s ever seen.”.. ..-ND ZiaZine!…. ..”Through out [Greyhound Hours] there are little fluctuations teasing the ears of their listeners like the unpredictable sea tantalizes its sailor.”.. ..-Rikki Hale, Miss Holley King’s Rock-a-billy and Beyond…. ….Other Review Excerpts…. “The songwriting is strong. The words are very well written… evocative and clever, and the music is emotional and contemplative.”.. ..-Jonathan Bond,…. “[It’s] not often you get contemporary pop about a character in a 106-year-old novel. But Dust Jacket is not your average pop band”.. ..-Leanne Potts, ZiaZine!…. ….Dust Jacket EP – Our Tapestries are Thrift Store Quilts – $7…. …… For more CD’s, Shirts, Stickers, and Buttons, click here……. .. .. This is where our fliers are. They work like treasure maps, so follow their details for a treasure trove of rock……. ..

Description provided by artist representative.

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September 11, 2009
℗ More Greek Myths
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