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Laidback Luke & Made In June – Paradise










About the artist

Karthik Rai better known as Kat-Rick. Born on 24th November 1995 an Electronic Dance Music Dj & Producer from Manipal – India. Kat-Rick’s career has been marked by 7 years of incredible
achievements . His unique energy and sound is a result of his tours, supports and Artist collaborations. There is no denying that Kat-Rick is a triple threat with his combination of skills, personality and experiences. Starting at an early age, Kat-Rick’s love for House Music steered him towards the life of a deejay. It wasn’t long before he Learnt and became absorbed by the turntables and developed the desire to perfect his technical skills. Kat-Rick stood out from him peers by his keen ability to vocally entertain the crowd. Kat-Rick involved himself into music production in early 2011 and been producing house Music when he started and then pushing himself towards Bigroom House music since then he has released many bootlegs and Singles
and also his recently released track ” IMPRINT” has been supported by many well know Mainstage DJ’s & Producers. Constantly evolving and formulating ideas to deliver his work, Kat-Rick founded Fogo Recordings, a coalition of music producers heavily influencing the urban dance music scene across India. Which is now being operated by a team which contributes to dance music giving opportunities to young talents of dance music across the country and above.

Current City : Dubai – United Arab Emirates

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July 23, 2017
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