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Apocalipsis (Entire Album) (Explicit)








Dig Ur Grave


About the artist

Dig Ur Grave is at the final stages of polishing a two and a half year long project titled “Spectrum”. This album will be the 2nd full length release announced in February on Facebook for Tuesday, May the 27th, 2014. This album will be available for free download in select areas, including right here on Google Play. This album has gone from full production, to a small hiatus for 5 months, to a full blown “they’re back”! “Spectrum” has many faces and moods, hence the album title. This album really showcases their diversity and uniqueness to the hardcore scene that can really put a stamp on creating a Dig Ur Grave sound. The main point of this album says Conrad, “We just let go of what we knew and headed in our own direction of pure excitement, to neurotic rants, and derogatory stabs at every day cliches. We have our own idea of what we want to sound like and the more we write and mend together, the more we steer away from sounding like just another metal band.” There is no better way to give you a glimpse of what this album will sound like other than listening for yourself. The band has also taken the liberty to stream the entire album with an interactive web page of lyric videos on their official home page.

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They may ask for credit card information through Google Play, but it is 100% completely FREE and you will not be charged.




Metal/Metalcore/Doom Metal/Rock/Hard Rock




May 17, 2011
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