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The Shape of Sky Metal to Come (Entire Album








Ella’s Patience

About the artist

Ella’s Patience are a post-rock/ experimental rock trio hailing from Fort Collins Colorado. Brandon Martinez (guitar), Jake Meyer (drums), and James Durnin (bass) have known each other since childhood but have finally brought their talents together to form Ella’s Patience. While this is not the first musical project from each of these talented musicians, they feel they have just begun to hit their stride together. Ella’s Patience, known primarily as an eclectic instrumental rock band, mix complicated guitar riffs, beastly bass-lines, and pounding drum beats to produce a massive sound that leave your ears craving more. The Shape of Sky Metal to Come is the first of what appears to be a long-lasting relationship between post-rock fans and Ella’s Patience.

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Metal/Alt Metal/Rock/Progressive/Art Rock
October 25, 2011
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  1. Actually that is a kind of catchy tune

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