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The Moth (Entire Album)








The Unbearable Hand Fate Dealt


About the artist

The Unbearable Hand Fate Dealt, or UHFD, are a progressive rock-metal group whose sound is as ambiguous as their name suggests. They create music that is unique and alive, blending diverse styles and moods into a whole that sheds new light on their genre. To sum up, just hit ‘play’ on one of their records. Their impressive ability and unstoppable energy are evident, and UHFD also bring these same qualities to the stage. Their shows are invariably exciting from start to finish. UHFD’s second LP, Realms, is another bold step along their particular path. Each track moves through a landscape of textures, with widely contrasting areas leading skillfully and unexpectedly from one to the next. All is painted with an absolute sincerity and more than a tinge of undeniable rawness. The result is a very expressive album which revels in both complexity and catharsis.

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Rock/Progressive/Art Rock
January 1, 2010
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