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Born of Shadows  (Entire Album)








Elder Skald



About the artist

Hailing from Chicago, IL, “Elder Skald” (Randall and Russell Brewer, Mark Schumann, Kelso King, and Aaron Nash) follows the journey of Alaric Taulmaren (the Elder Skald) told through the literary compositions of his master collection. “Born of Shadows” is one of many books from this collection with each song representing a chapter of that story. Elder Skald – Born of Shadows is a first hand account of the trials and vengeance of the Shadow Stalker. As Alaric navigates us through the story, we learn of a man’s journey across the land of Askaria to exact his bloody and violent revenge on those who have taken everything from him. Ultimately a tale of redemption, the story of the Shadow Stalker is but one of many from the Elder Skald’s chronicles yet to unfold for the listener.

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Metal/Rock/Hard Rock
June 26, 2017
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