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Every Moment Of Your Life








Zoo Strikes Back

About the artist

2009 – year of foundation Zoo Strikes Back.
2010 – the debut album
“Cause We Do It For Da Streets”
The album was partly recorded at Shelter, Silence Records and Neva Records. Debut video clip for the song “Pussy”.It takes a lot of gigs with bands such as the Spitfire, Lowriderz, Riff Action Family, Ploge, Primary void, Panda. The group regularly performs at the “Snail on the Slope,” as Rock Cafe, Dancing, Place. 2011 – release a new single, “Every Moment Of Your Life” single was recorded at Top Records. All our music you can either download iTunes Store, Amazon, other major online stores or free download on the Internet. We appreciate your support!

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Metal/Alt Metal
January 28, 2012
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