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Doom Over Salvation  (Entire Album









SCUT SnuffCleaningUpTeam

About the artist

Snuff Cleaning Up Team (S.C.U.T) Tech-Deathmetal from south Germany Ravensburg. S.C.U.T. went out in late 2010 / early 2011 from the “remains” of the Ravensburg Metalcore band Stitch.
After two line-ups in the frontman area, the beginning of 2014 was the first stable and live-fit lineup from Thomas (Vox), Lopez (bass), Henry (drums) and Holger (guitar) in the starting blocks. Various gigs followed in 2014 and 2015. In September 2014, the web site of S.C.U.T. on Facebook online. In February 2015, the 3-song demo “Doom over Salvation” was released. Immediately afterwards, the first recordings of the debut album “Relapse into Madness”, which was released in February 2017, began. Also in 2015 the post of drummer became vacant. After a lack of success in the search for a suitable drummer, it was decided to perform the upcoming debut album as well as the future live sector with programmed drums.


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Metal/Black/Death Metal
February 6, 2017
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