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Dinosaurs With Mustaches EP (Entire Album) (Explicit)











About the artist

Nosolly are an italian rock band from Milan. Formed during the 18th century their first name was Slide. The group consisted of three people, their logo was a cards deck and they quite sucked. They rocked hard, anyway. During the first half of the 19th century the name of the band changed in Mental Madness. Dani joined the crew and asked for a second name change because Mental Madness ‘is for jerks’.After ten, exhausting minutes of negotiations and stupid YouTube videos on the smartphone they had a new, epic name: Nosolly. During 2012 Luciano, the solo guitar, left the band and in November Pancho took his place. Today, Nosolly feature four non-existent albums produced by care bears and a robot rainbow unicorn, not forgetting many live exhibitions -these are true- and an insane sense of humor based on farts and boobs. The saviors of Rock’n’Roll are here!

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December 9, 2011
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