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The Book of Guinness









About the artist

the D, “D”, a short letter, one letter, neither a name, nor a syllable, nor a sound. A letter and nothing else. Chosen almost by accident, because it had a nice sound, a beautiful shape. Chosen because screamed till spasm by Jack Black in the film “Tenacius D and the pick of destiny”. the D were born in Avellino in 2010, no precise chronological reference, no name. Four faces, four players for four pseudonyms. the Dabbler, original name Giuseppe Matarazzo (front-man recovering from a decade-long punk love story) and the Danger, in the world Ciriaco Aufiero (guitarist psychotic with Slash-like curls) listening to another garage-revival track, they formulated the unhealthy idea to bring together the best of the worst that the Avellino’s periphery could offer to the gods of rock. Instantly were recruited the Dandy Foam, aka Andrea Fiordalisi (drummer and worldwide ballbraker) and the Damned aka Vincenzo Golia D’Augé (bass no less psychotic than the Danger, with origins dating back to the north of France). The four showed themselves to the public in February of 2011, with some cover by the Arctic Monkeys, Strokes, Jet, Franz Ferdinand, Pixies, Wolfmother etc.. At the beginning of 2012 they recorded their first unedited track, “the book of Guinness”. May 12, 2012 performing for the last time with the Dandy Foam, abducted by aliens, was replaced by the Dario aka Dario Botta (former guitarist, pianist, cellist, trumpeter and wonderful latin lover).

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September 25, 2013
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