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Ni’Andre (Self Titled) (Entire Album) (EXPLICIT)






About the Artist

Ni’Andre was born in Los Angeles California on November 10th 1985. He moved to Tacoma Washington in 1992 along with parents and two brother. Around the age of 7 he noticed he had a passion for music. His father was always playing old school music from Marvin Gaye to Temptations, Ohio Player and much more. Ni’Andre began singing with his older brother but never took it serious. In middle school at age 14, a friend gave Ni’Andre a program called Fruity Loops he started making beats and from that day forward his music career began. Working with many local artists like himself Ni’Andre built a solid name for himself by recording, producing, writing and singing hooks. In 2010 Ni’Andre released his first studio album produced and written by himself. The album did great and finally he was labeled an artist. Mixing R&B and Hip Hop he bring a different sound yet still relevant to whats going on in the industry with catchy hooks and beats. He follows behind his favorite artists T-Pain, Dru Hill and Tank. Although he is not those artists you can tell where he gets his style. Ni’Andre enjoys making music, he says it all comes from the heart and hope listeners will relate and enjoy the work he does.

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February 1, 2014
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