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Kush n Syrup 3: MoonRoccMuzic (Entire Album) (EXPLICIT)





Memphis Maccie

About the Artist

Memphis,TN native. From the Blackhaven neighborhood you get the grit of the city. Trap music at its best!!! Rarely compared to others , Maccie is n his own lane. From state to state pushing “out the trunk” he gained more loyal and lifelong fans than most independent artist. He says” I put my craft over everything til I had my daughter. Then she became it all. That’s how I ended up in Portland.” As a part of the troubled youth from the bluff city he dreamed of an escape but never forgetting his roots.” My city is me. That’s why the first name will forever be Memphis!”
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Hip-Hop/Rap/Southern Hip-Hop/International Hip-Hop/Hip-Hop Hitmakers
April 10, 2017
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