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Ou Pas (Entire Album) (French)










Anne-Laure Bolivard

About the Artist

Laure has an unconditional love for the song and its audience, from an early age (she takes her first steps on-scene at 7 years old), the music takes “The place” she still holds today.
Her relatives say that Anne-Laure knew how to sing before knowing how to speak! No wonder when you know that she comes from a family background where music holds a big place.
His father is a musician, accordionist, and his two brothers, Emmanuel (accordionist) and Régis (drummer). Her talent will not leave indifferent those who will name her in 2000, winner of the Graine de Stars tour in Rennes, her hometown. Then, in 2007, It’s Pascal SEVRAN who will give him a chance, inviting him to participate in his show “Entrance of artists”, Anne Laure will keep an excellent memory of this period …

This young artist, born in December 1985, sensitive to the strong character, begins to write her first text in 2008. A poignant homage to her paternal grandmother whose evocative title: “You go”, still translates an emotional shock. This text is set to music and it is featured today on his first album. A year and a half of work will have been necessary to develop this one. It is in close collaboration with his friend Franck NOGAN (songwriter), his brothers and some musical friends that this album finally sees the day. She who dreams since her childhood is done. She has put all her sensitivity and strong texts on topics that are dear to her heart …

A voice well present, who knows how to be sweet, filled with emotion, carried by real melodies and texts that know how to touch and speak to the public. It is a risky bet today to defend the French variety, but it is even more risky to do something that does not look like you. She decides to name it “Or not”, an expression that you will hear frequently if you rub shoulders with her …
Especially let’s not forget that this album will become what each of us will do … Good listening.

Biography F.VB

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