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About the Artist

The year is 5086 and what we know of our world has passed. Our creations and identity live on as light beams and frequencies swirling around the Universe, known as Auras. With so much technology driving space exploration, we’ve discovered other worlds and cultures, opening new channels of trade, commerce, and creativity. The world as we know it is now thought of as Universal.

Earth’s Auras have carried our history, ideas, creations and artistic expressions to other galaxies, and we’ve inspired generations upon generations of cultures and other lifeforms, creating a unifying feeling around the Universe. We are all connected, coexisting in harmony. This is a time of peace and prosperity; an optimistic and pleasant view of the future.

The first group to embrace exploration were the Aris, known for their forward thinking and thirst for adventure. They opened the door, took the plunge, and brought others. The Aris were the driving force behind discovering new galaxies and cultivating relationships with other species. The big businesses and corporations, known as Monopoles, followed in their footsteps, laying down the pipeline to develop new civilizations. This cat and mouse game between Aris and Monopoles pushed and supported the Aris beyond maps and knowledge of the Universe, and beyond our boundaries and imagination, to new galactic frontiers.

Our story opens in a time when the harmony between Aris and Monopoles has become increasingly more dissonant and tense. A decision made by one of the Monopoles, known as Bru & Skern Universal, to limit Aris exploration by denying them fuel, has upset the natural balance around Universe. B&S is only focused on growing profits within their already established businesses and have cornered the market. The more the Aris explore, the more their competitors have opportunities to build and cultivate new territories, which would take away from their control. The other Monopoles have been pushed out and carry little influence in the Universe. B&S have become a monopoly and have taken away what little power the Aris already have.


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