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Juxtapose (Entire Album)









Reign of Ignorance


About the Artist

Reign of ignorance is Thrash Metal/Heavy Metal band with some elements of Progressive Metal. Band was formed at 2011. Since 2012 was played a lot of gigs within our hometown. We shared scene with Astafix, Harlequin, Lehmann. In 2013 recording of an album “We Will Fight” was started, and released independently by ourselves by 2014. The album get some positive feedback from reviewing internet media. Which was followed by some gigs in other cities. The album was remastered in 2015 and released by Russian label “Fono ltd” in December, 2015. At January, 2016 band arranged tour across Russia. At April, 2016 EP “Juxtapose” was released, which was highly rated for excellent performance and composition. For 2016 and on there were a lot of show played with famous bands, such as Vektor, Woslom, Lacerated and Carbonized, Lefutray and others.

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