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Remember Them (Explicit)









A Smile Upon Tragedy

About the artist

Cinematic is the term that best defines the music of the Colorado band A Smile Upon Tragedy. ASUT’s founding members consist of Phayd Machin & Sergio Serrano, the two formed the band circa 2011. Phayd is an accomplished musician (Guitar, piano, cello, bass, drums, and vocals) and producer. Sergio is the front man of the duo and the lead vocalist. With his captivating screams and soft vocals he brings a unique recognizable sound that helps define the cinematic style of ASUT. A Smile Upon Tragedy is Self produced and runs ASUT Studios. A Smile Upon Tragedy has released a Demo on YouTube called Paining The Roses in 2012. 2015 is the release date of ASUT’s new pre-album Near Death The City Is Built. Welcome to the world of Cinematic music hosted by none other than A Smile Upon Tragedy.
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Alternative/Indie/Emo/Hardcore/Metal/Alt Metal/Dance/Electronic/Rock
February 17, 2017
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