Google Play Free Song of the Day 11/06/2017

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Memex began as a thought which manifested itself as the feelings I conveyed as a result of years of hardship stemming from a series of events during and after my experiences with the electronic dance music scene in Seattle. It’s mission is to bring inspiration between people, and I believe that is one of humankind’s most important and kindest actions. In bringing this project to you, I am sharing a significant part of my life, being that I have dedicated thousands of hours towards the creation and promotion of Memex. This project originated with the goal of being original, combining synths and melody to breakbeat and dubstep that do not follow traditional or emerging norms. Memex therefore serves to provide for a niche group, with positive results. Memex is original, and that is why it stands out. Experiences with being an electronic music fanatic at both venues and personal study, and having experimented with and learned from various digital audio workstations, mixing and mastering VSTs, and having grown up around musicians, clearly affects the quality of Memex.

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December 1, 2016
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