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LHEPPE: First Quarter  (Entire Album)









About the artist

‘Odaroo’ (read in Japanese romaji, pronounced o-dah-roh), also known as Jeff Lo, is a Montreal born and raised multi-instrumentalist who enjoys ciphering life ventures into peculiar soundtracks. Starting at a young age, he was introduced to the piano and gradually stepped into the world of percussion where he started learning and experimenting with new musical layers. Being the co-founder of the Montreal psychedelic rock band ‘LHEPPE’, also being part of several projects and initiatives such as ‘The Superstitions’ and ‘The Victoria Turner Solo Project’ over the years allowed him to grasp different perspectives of several genres expanding his musical palette. In 2011 he started the ‘Improginarium’ series in which consisted of 3 volumes experimenting mainly with samples and originals, mostly focusing on composition and architecturing melodious structures, narrating a story from one track to another. Since then, sculpting new sounds and innovating new patterns have been his precedence, his essence toward spontaneous creation.

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April 20, 2009
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