Google Play Free Song of the Day 10/25/2017

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International O – The Big Homie Mixtape (Entire Album) (Explicit)







Flycat Music Group

About the artist

Established in 2009, Flycat Music Group took the world by storm with consistency and content delivery. Started by International O, being laid off from his job, he then started the company to pass the time. By the summer of 2010, Flycat Music Group began touring while releasing new music to their core fans. By March, they began they U.S. tour in several states to promote the 11 projects they released in a 12 month-span. Creating their own Social Platform, FMG was able to engage with their fans in a more intimate setting worldwide. The consistency in content, and social connection with their fans led to 2 international tours in Osaka, Japan, and Bahrain, UAE. FMG also collaborated or toured with the likes 2 Chainz, Zro, Knoc’ Turnal, and more. The company disbanded in 2012, but the artists are still creating content for their listeners. FMG Consisted of:
International O
Wes Coas
T.A.Swagga P
Yung Yadi
7th Letter
Jon Black
HD Description provided by artist representative

They may ask for credit card information through Google Play, but it is 100% completely FREE and you will not be charged!
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