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Cloud City







Danny Hook

About the artist

Connecting senses from video games to music. Daniel, known by the artistic medium as Danny Hook, is a young man of 21 years born in the city of Zacatecas with a proposal and unique style of music. Danny Hook, transmits sounds with an environment of video games and anime giving in turn a fresh and original music. Throughout his career he has participated in Festivals such as: “Winter Fest” a charity fundraising event, “Volume Colors Fest” one of the largest festivals in Zacatecas, participating in 2017 setting the stage for Jessica Audiffred, Zaa , BSNO and Major 7 as well as online events: “Powerfullive Festival” competed and won the 1st Place, “UPM Festival Online” where also an artist from Revealed Recordings, adding live sessions for Labels as: “Only Time Records” and “Bass House Beat”, as well as 2 Powerful Radio (Portugal) and Madness Radio (LA) With a track record of 4 years, his name has been positioned in different Labels around the world (Mexico, USA, Ecuador, Belgium and Portugal), being supported by national and international artists such as Arston, Nitro Fun, Set Collins , DNN, Eric Kauffmann and Kfau.

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