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Pants Up  (Entire Album)








DeVante Myles

About the artist

DeVante Myles (born November 17th 1992 in New York City), better known by his stage name DeVante Myles is a rap artist under Datz Hot Music. DeVante has chosen to leave his last name off for the time being. Born into a family of music, he grow up around studio’s, choirs, musicians, producers, and all others conducive to the music industry. At the age of sixteen, DeVante took to writing as a way of just getting things off his chest (therapy) soon after he began to rap with friends inside his high school lunch room. Although DeVante was not yet interested in being a rap artist, he quickly learned certain dynamics of music. Representing Brooklyn “till the Death” DeVante say’s rappers don’t really need to curse on their records to sound hood, being hood is a state of mind. Being Ghetto is also a state of mind however an ignorant state of mind, it is just that. DeVante Myles is against everything Ghetto so he focuses on his lyrics placing the truth within them DeVante Myles wants to be a shining light to the youth someone that parents of the youth he creates his music for, can listen to and smile. DeVante Myles credits his love for music to his father and Hip Hop to the likes of LL Cool J, Souls Of Mischief , Tupac, ,Common, Biggie , Sean Price , and of course Jay Z. Since the Aug of 2011 to present, DeVante has recorded over 73 Songs to date including a hit single GET U SOME, His Debut Mix Tape is Scheduled to be Released Jan 18, 2013.. Stay Tuned.
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Hip-Hop/Rap/International Hip-Hop
January 18, 2013
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