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No Holds Barred (Explicit)









About the artist

Melvin Oaks, a.k.a. C.B.G. is truely an original artist, with his very own style. It is evident that Indiana-born artist C.B.G. (Challenged By Greatness) is an ultra-talented artist. C.B.G. possesses the rare ability to create music with great content without alienating his listeners. Challenged By Greatness is not just a nickname for C.B.G. It is what defines him. C.B.G. began making music at the age of 12. It was obvious that he was passionate about music at an early age. His peers began to notice that he had a way with words. Tragedy struck when C.B.G.’s younger brother passed away. It was then that C.B.G. decided to use writing as a source of venting and escape from the heartbreak. C.B.G. began working with a purpose to create music that allows people to escape from their own problems and adventure into a world of positive vibes and hope. Not only has C.B.G challenged himself to be great, he also challenges his listeners to be great and follow their dreams. This elite level of focus and skills are on display in the opening verse of “Everything.” Much like his idol Michael Jordan, C.B.G.’s versatility is on full display on his album “Alpha Pack: The Origins of C.B.G.” ; where he shows his ability to inspire, make you to dance and sing along, all while delivering quality bars. Now, he is currently an artist of NuNation/NuORDER ENTertainmENT, a music label based out of Kokomo, Indiana, and ran by C.E.O. kCAne MarkCO, and Vice President Derek “BLaCK” Flager. They are working together, along with the top members of the label, by the name of “Alpha PaK” as a team to take the MidWest by storm! With so many different styles between them all, there’s no telling what you’ll hear next, but gaurantee you will be pleased!

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Hip-Hop/Rap/Midwest Hip-Hop/Indie/Underground Hip-Hop
April 18, 2017
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