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16z N’ Better Volume II (Hosted By: DJ J Star) (Entire Album) (EXPLICIT)









About the artist

Cortez, grew up in Bedstuy, Brooklyn, NY with many obstacles in his path. His situation was unique because Cortez found Hip-Hop to be a good way to channel his thoughts as well as the pain he kept inside all those years. Cortez grew up, influenced by artist such as B.I.G., Kieth Murray, The Fugees, Joe Buddens and Jay Z. Ever since he was introduced to Hip Hop, he has not been able to give up his love for writing. Cortez’s determination stems from life, his surroundings and his son as he says “Success! I must succeed! I refuse to take a back seat! I got a seed who I want to share the WORLD with!!!” Cortez is part of the the top 5, of the URL League (Ultimate Rap League). His battles have been hosted and judged by Rap Legends: KRS1, Big Daddy Kane, Redman, Raekwon, Treach, Star & Buckwild, just to name a few. Cortez’s music has been heard on the radio, everywhere online and spun by all DJ’s in the game. Cortez has over 5 million views on YouTube with battles and music combined. His most recent videos are “Large in the Streets”, “Real Estate”, “Hometown”, “Hate is My Motivation”, “Loaded”, “Copy & Paste”, “BeWare”, & “Vent”. His Most recent Mix tapes are “16 & Better” & XXL Album “In A Class All By Myself” Hosted By DJ Mesiah. Cortez has worked Method man, Eric Sermon, Ginuwine, Cory Gunz, Fred the Godson, Oun P, Mickey Facts, Sha Stimuli, Paul Cain, Cassidy, Murda Ave Gang, Math Hoffa, D. Chamberz, Hollow Da Don, Charlie Clips, and many more artist threw out his career.
Cortez is A Lyrical Savage. His Delivery and Linguistics are what makes him Unique in the Freestyle Battle World.You can not deny that Cortez adapts to every battle, in the freestyle world, like a Clever Camilion. His Strengths are his Swagg, Flow, Wittyness, Aggression, Wordplay & Delivery.
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Hip-Hop/Rap/Hip-Hop Hitmakers/Indie/Underground Hip-Hop/East Coast Hip-Hop
January 1, 2017
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