Free Amazon Android App of the Day for 9/22/2017

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Free Amazon Android App of the day for 9/22/2017 only!


Normally $2.50 but for today it is FREE!!

Basic Line-Dot Drawing

Product features

  • Draw on canvas
  • Draw on pictures
  • Draw lines and dots

Product description

You get to choose the color of the Line or Dot by choosing it’s color as well as the thickness with the slider at top of app.

To Draw Lines: Drag finger

To Draw Dots: Tap on screen

This is a very basic draw app that lets you draw on a different color canvas; You draw with lines and dots that you can change the color and thickness of them By tapping any color on top and moving the slider.
The color of the canvas can be chosen with the colors at the bottom, In there you can also choose the thickness of lines and dots by applying a long click on any of them.

The following controls are on top and bottom of your screen:

Thump silder (for dots and lines thickness).
Undo and Redo for lines and (dots on top of lines).
Clear all lines and dots.
You can save your work.
Take a picture and draw on it.
Share your work (picture).


To share a canvas work just take a picture of a solid color and work on it! Or take a snap shoot (of the canvas color you choose) with your own phone (function not included).

The app has spaces on all sites to help not to trigger devise own controls.

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