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The Show (Entire Album








Darryl Reese

About the artist

Darryl Reese was brought up the rough Midwest City of Saint Louis, MO. Influenced by sounds around him, he became heavily inspired by music from Stevie Wonder, Charlie Wilson, and Marvin Gaye. At an early age he found singing was a love. The 5th child out of 7, children Darryl grew up in a home loaded with musical talent, which gave him ample opportunity to learn instruments and techniques. Singing and touring with his church further inspired the love of singing and performing, especially after a young age he began to sing lead. A star in the making! In the late 90s he recorded a video to a song called ‘Got itGoing On’ which led to an interview with a TV show, Derrick Dizzy Demos which played on a public access cable channel. Around the same time he recorded frequently at Webster University’s recording studio with popular studio producer Tony Anthony. In 1999 he co-wrote a local hit song called ‘Get it Girl’ for a TV show called the Millennium Kick Off, which was used for licensing purposes on the large cable network BET, produced by Carlos from Purple Dragon Studios a producer for the super hip hop group GooDIE Mob. He has been in several singing groups and opened for major acts such as Too Short and Mystikal. He won a variety of talent shows around St. Louis including the major event the McDonald’s Soul Search talent show at the Club Loft. That’s when he realized in order to be successful he was going to have to explore more options outside of St. Louis. Darryl started touring with the trio band Locity outside of Missouri to shop his music as the likes of Texas a state know to embrace the Indie R&B culture. His dreams started to come true when in 2006 he was offered a deal with Slip-N-Slide Records. However by then the label wasn’t a powerhouse as it once had been and Darryl’s big opportunity all but dissolved.

Darryl moved back to St. Louis were met back up with a long time neighborhood friend and collaborator on past projects Terrance ‘Terry L’ Smith of Wydtrack Productions. The the fire and desire of music came back full force and in less than 2 weeks they had collaborated on 12 songs. Shortly thereafter Darryl was performing at local venue within weeks who feel in love with the beautiful combination of Darryl Reese’s voice and masterful production that surrounded it. In 2012 Darryl released his first official solo single 2Nite which include the songs 2Nite, Southern Belle, and 2Nite (remix) which has opened to rave reviews from ALL musical genres. He went on to release his first album ‘Everything’- -and goes from R&B to Soul to Pop to Jazz to Country to pure good ole fashioned wonderful music- -Darryl Reese music is what feelings would sound like! Discology: Everything, The Show, and Jukebox If you like John Legend,Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Beyonce, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Keith Sweat, R. Kelly, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Miguel and Bruno Mars, you will love Darryl Reese.

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Classic Soul/Neo-Soul
August 19, 2015
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