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About the artist

Hailing from Slovakia – a country that could probably be said to have a less-than-rich musical background – Nvmeri promptly dropped into the scene in 2007 with their first EP, immediately settings themselves apart in being atypical: playing the kind of music they do and being from a country few people are very familiar with. In 2010 their debut record From The Dust won Album of the Year at the country’s own Radio_Head Awards which firmly established them in their respective scene.

In 2013 their most recent self-titled album gained even more attention than all their previous efforts – with complexity and constantly-changing moods, Nvmeri managed to turn in multiple pleasant surprises in their new songs. While not being overtly ambient, the band however pulled inspiration from similar genres, drawing in the listener and focusing on creating a deeper experience.

The band members’ own stage-presence was formed by years of practicing at church. It visibly reflects in their own live performance, characterized by massive buildups, quick changes, and frequent improvisations. Nvmeri has played venues and festivals all across Europe – from the UK to Germany, to The Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, The Czech Republic, and Croatia.

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December 10, 2014
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