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Calvin Kush – Rock Steady (feat. Kayden Lamar) **Bonus Track


Calvin Kush


About the artist


Calvin Kush born Eric Brian Smith Jr. on Sept. 10, 1988 on the Eastside of Columbus, OH. At the early age of 10, Calvin Kush father began taking him to a friends house who was a producer and they would play video games. Little did they know Calvin Kush instant love for music born when the producer would play new songs that he produced for local artist. At the age of 14, Calvin Kush brought his own equipment and would start producing for local talent at his school and with in the city. After taking a break from music to go to college, Calvin Kush then got back to his roots at 21 and linked with another 3 musical acts to form one set group as GMC Music Group that would go on to put out underground talent and promote parties. Within this matter Calvin Kush started to Audio Engineer a majority of the musical talent within Columbus and then set out to put out his first project Rollin Up 4 20s which received reviews as Trippy Smooth Hiphop in 2012. Calvin Kush then followed up with the street classic, a joint project with Rico Music titled Love Songs In Kush Minor that set the city on fire with a reminiscence of 90s R&B mixed with current contemporary R&B/HipHop. In 2014 Calvin Kush then followed up with his 3rd effort titled Cool World which received classic ratings and reviews within Columbus as well as various underground websites such as Indie Nation, Complex, and more. Calvin Kush brings you the old school mixed with the new school and his influences can be seen in most of his music however the blend of styles is a feature that music is missing. Calvin Kush brings you the smooth, the sexy, the gangster, the hustler, and all of the above.

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January 30, 2017
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