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A Dream Deferred (Entire Album) (Explicit)




About the artist


“If I was given the choice of any career, other than music and promised I would be 100 percent happy…10 times out of 10… I would choose something else. I really wish I could just walk away from music sometimes. It’s frustrating, impatient and unkind. But on another note it’s the most universal language known to man. It can be rewarding beyond imagination. And I don’t mean monetarily, I mean the feeling you get when you see or hear people singing the words to your songs. Or the feeling you get the first time you hear yourself on the radio. Or you learning that you helped someone thru a tough time because you said you went thru the same thing in one of your songs. There aren’t too many jobs that offer those types of fringe benefits.” The former radio personality isn’t a stranger to having his words heard by the masses. After a five year stint in radio (2 of which he was viewed as a local favorite on air personality) D-Skills decided to make his dreams reality and pursue his longtime dream of becoming a successful recording artist. “Being from Lafayette, La you don’t get many visits from big time record labels so you either have to go to where they are or make them come to you.” That is just what he has been doing….after releasing and impressive street album titled “All Hustle No Sleep” He was selected to perform at the 2010 Bayou Classic Battle of the Bands in New Orleans Louisiana. Bayou Classic is always a big event and I’ve performed in front of various sized crowds but until you actually see 30,000 people you have no idea how many people that really are. He has never been one to shy away from the spotlight he has been performing all his life including marching for the Southern University Human Jukebox.

Mista 25/8, as he is often referred, has been hard at work prepping his full length independent album “A.D.D. (Ambitious Dedicated Determined)” which will be released through his All or Nuthin Entertainment record label. “I named this album the way I did because I feel people that know me may only know one or two sides of me. But it would be  wise to get to know the many sides of me now than later so you aren’t at all surprised at what I can do.” When asked to describe or sum up his rapping style he says with a grin “I’m somewhat of a new school hybrid type rapper. Southern in origin, Lyrical in content, extremely focused on wordplay and delivery” “I like to call it Southern Lyrical some kind of sub-genre of southern rap…think Ludacris, Chamillionaire or Eminem on southern beats. When asked about the comparison to another southern rapper/former DJ who he happened to compare himself to he just shrugged and said I never thought of the comparison until someone else said it to me. I think he’s extremely talented and would love to work with him. “At the end of the day everybody isn’t a drug dealer, a baller a pimp or just “doing it big”. Every artist doesn’t create music for everyone. There are regular people out there with real problems, everyday successes and failures. I make music for them. I want to be their voice.”

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Hip-Hop/Rap/Indie/Underground Hip-Hop/Southern Hip-Hop/Hip-Hop Hitmakers
July 4, 2013
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