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“Finale” : Live At Saint Arnold Brewery (Entire Album)


The Caroline Sessions

About the artist

What started out as a video series in the Summer of 2010, the Caroline Sessions has grown to be much more. Small intimate concerts evolved into all day music festivals. While the sessions originally occurred on Caroline St (At the Caroline Collective), they would travel to other locations (Culturemap Houston, Spacetaker, Spring Street Studios, & lastly Saint Arnold Brewery). Caroline Sessions is many things. It’s tailgating live music. It’s music collaboration. It’s where photographers, audio engineers, videographers can hone their skills in an encouraging place. It’s where the line between a musician and their fans doesn’t exist. It’s the creating of something awesome for the sake of creating something awesome. It’s what you make of it.

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World/North America/Folk/Alternative/Indie/Indie Rock/Folk-Rock
December 28, 2012
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