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Crazy Vibes (Entire Album)



About the artist

For Daniel began the musician career 1988 as guitarist of the Funk rock band: “Angelo and Band”. With this new band He set his first brilliant lights with his uncompromising radio rock on the LP, which was then released by the Doppelstab: “Basle Collection-LP” and the accompanying festival.

In the following years, he worked in various projects and bands of the Basel region until he was discovered by one of the many concerts in “Atlantis Basel” by the famous conductor: “Thomas Möckel”. Thomas Möckel, one of the most famous jazz musicians in Switzerland, took Daniel immediately in his big band and the jazz school in Basel, where he successfully earned a professional training and the accompanying diploma. In the “Thomas Möckel Big-Band” he was a regular guitarist during the following 10 years and played for several festivals such as the “Das Floss” or the “Jazz-Festival in Montreux”. During this time, he met Hans Feigenwinter, who was able to inspire him for the project “Tank” for the Jazz-by-Off-Beat-Festival of the comedy Basel. This concert, in collaboration with the Jazzschule-Basel and the Conservatory, was produced and broadcast on 27 April 2001 for the Swiss Radio DRS. After this project, he founded his own formation: “Imblosion”, which is very similar to the electronic music and the DJ scene in house music. This has meanwhile developed into a strong collaboration with various soloists, singers and, D.J, and various musicians.

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December 30, 2016
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