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AMMA JO is a singer, songwriter and entrepreneur. In her AMMA JO brand, she performs indie rock, a fusion of rock, soul, gospel and pure inspiration. She is the owner of Johnson Marketing Group, AMMA JO Cosmetics and also has various fashion projects. She considers herself a musicpreneur, doing business to sponsor her own projects. Additionally, she helps start up entrepreneurs and CEO’s to establish their vision. AMMA JO is a first generation born Ghanaian. Both of her parents immigrated to the U.S. to gain education and provide a better life for their family. Growing up, AMMA JO was surrounded by an immigrant community which gave her an international perspective in everything she does. “I don’t identify with one particular culture” says AMMA JO, “in my opinion, we are all the same. I see no need to over generalize ourselves whether ethnically or in any other way.” We are ALL people. This shines through in her music. “My life mission is inspiration and I will do this through music, writing, business deals and everything else I do. To inspire the human spirit to do better and achieve a greater purpose is the ultimate reason I’m alive.” – AMMA JO

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Rock/Alternative/Indie/Indie Folk/Singer-Songwriter
May 22, 2014
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