Google Play Free Song of the Day 4/18/2017

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Next Phone Call


From Coast To Skyline


About the artist


Listing influences ranging from Death Cab for Cutie to Houston Calls to Jimmy Eat World, From Coast To Skyline are putting their own spin on pop punk. Having only been a full band for 2 years, they have already shared the stage with notables such as Mercy Mercedes, Holiday Parade, The Bigger Lights, and Go Crash Audio. Hard work, dedication, and a knack for writing catchy hooks are the keys to success for these guys. With more and more show offers coming through, and recording to be done in the next few months, expect big things from these young guys from Warrenton, VA.

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 They may ask for credit card information through Google Play, but it is 100% completely FREE and you will not be charged!


April 29, 2011
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