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Bad Apples (Entire Album) (Explicit)


Gentlemen & Scholars

About the artist

Gentlemen and Scholars, the four piece band from Evansville, IN, is composed of Jeremiah Galey (vocals/guitar), Shane Strickland (bass), Kyle Burchett (drums), and Patrick Brady (guitar/keyboards). They have been writing and releasing music under the Gentlemen and Scholars moniker for the past nine years, but the band’s origin dates back nearly 15 years to when Galey, Brady, and Burchett first started their elementary school “jam sessions”. It became apparent, quite early on, that these three shared a passion for music that is rarely seen today. Let’s fast forward nearly 10 years through countless band names, song titles, and gigs, to the year 2008. Gentlemen and Scholars first album, The Record, The Keepsake, and the Thief, was released independently in March of that year, and followed up by multiple, small US tours. A few short months later, Gentlemen and Scholars began seeking out partnership opportunities with a number of indie record labels. In October of 2008, they chose to sign with Torque Records, a sub-label of Victory Records, which put them on the fast track to releasing their label debut and follow up to The Record, The Keepsake, and the Thief. Unfortunately, as things we so desire often are, the partnership between Torque Records and Gentlemen and Scholars was short-lived and hardly satisfying. After dealing with a virtually non-existent and extremely rushed recording schedule, followed by the unforeseen release date delay, morale was low. But, such was the music industry. After the short-lived partnership with Torque Records, the label behind Gentlemen and Scholars’ 2009’s album The Fault, the boys made the decision to, once again, take matters into their own hands. They independently booked numerous tours to support their sophomore album and completely funded each tour through merchandise sales or from their own pockets. In 2011, Gentlemen and Scholars self-produced, recorded, and funded their third effort, Bad Apples. Shortly after they released Bad Apples for free, Gentlemen and Scholars inked a publishing deal with Gas Can Music. It wasn’t long after teaming up with Gas Can that Gentlemen and Scholars had their single, Groove Belly, featured in a Forever 21 commercial.

Given the ever changing state of the music industry, Gentlemen and Scholars continued with their decision to remain an independent band. They released their fourth album, Thick As Mud, on March 19th, 2013, and since its release, Thick As Mud has received praise from publications such as The Equal Ground and Rock Thiz magazine. Today, Gentlemen and Scholars are hard at work preparing for their currently untitled fifth studio release. In October of 2014, the boys took some much deserved time off from live shows to finish building their recording studio, which they see as the next step in their career. “We’ve never done something like this,” says vocalist Jeremiah Galey. “We put our first album out in 2008, and we’ve never really stopped to take a break from touring and performing live since then. We’ve taken a few weeks off to record each album, but we’ve never made time to focus solely on writing an album together. We’ve always just sort of written songs as we went, and when it was time to do a new album, we’d polish everything up and take a week or two to get everything tracked. Then, it’d be right back to performing live. We all agreed that it was imperative that we take some time to lay the ground work for our future as a band.” This may sound like a lot of additional work to most, but Gentlemen and Scholars insist that it’s all necessary for growth. “We want to be capable of creating as many opportunities for ourselves as possible,” says guitarist Patrick Brady. “We do our best to keep everything in-house, and there’s so much more to us than simply writing, recording, and playing shows. We’re 100% responsible for all tour and gig booking. We design our own merchandise, film and produce our own music videos, and we record and produce our own albums. At the end of the day, we know that we’re responsible for almost every opportunity that comes along. If something doesn’t go well, we can’t blame anyone but ourselves. That outlook and approach also makes every positive advancement infinitely more rewarding, if you ask me.” Gentlemen and Scholars have set out to make a fulfilling career for themselves. With an ever-growing fan base, a new album on the way, and an original web series in development, these boys don’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. Description provided by artist representative



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November 26, 2011
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