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Keishon T. Kessee is a record producer- recording artist /composer. An international child, raised in New York and seasoned in Los Angeles. Keishon Kessee is a jack of all trades. His resume includes Singing, Photography, Keishon Kessee has produced records over the last 7 years and now has his own production label called “K” Kessee Entertainment/ Keiro Music USA. As a full time composer/ song writer; Keishon Kessee is a proud father of two & husband to Spiritual singer Genesis™ (Regina Kessee). “To know me is to love me.”, says Keishon.

“I’m so happy to have finally found what makes me happy. “After all, everyone should be happy right! God truly gave me what I needed.”

“I’m very passionate and driven about my career and talents but first I’m all about God, My rib and my beautiful daughters.” 

Keishon Kessee can professionally play 22 instruments and compose music ranging from R&B/hip hop to composing music soundscore. “At this point in my life I’m working really hard to

compose and release my wife’s debut album – Arch Angel.2012 My main project at this moment is Keiro album and “Spanish Fly” Dominican Score. Secondly, I have composed a spiritual soundscore entitled “Portion Under the Sun”, which is scheduled to release abib 2012.” (Just Got My Official “MPAA Union Member Award” Gleee!!

… I AM MUSIC – Keishon T.Kessee™ Description provided by artist representative

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July 12, 2016
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