Free Amazon Android App of the Day for 4/10/2017

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Free Amazon Android App of the day for 4/10/2017 only!

Normally $0.01 but for today it is FREE!!

Hidden Scenes Easter Egg Hunt

Product features

  • Five different modes of play:
  • SWAP – swap the pieces into their correct spot, easy and relaxing
  • FLIP – swap and flip the pieces into their correct spot, a little more challenging
  • ROTATE – swap and ROTATE the pieces into their correct spot! Can be very challenging!
  • RADIAL – swap pieces of a circular puzzle, very unique!
  • CHALLENGE – Play through exciting fast paced timed and move counting games! Are you fast enough to make it through all 50??

Product description

There are OVER 1 million games in the App Store? Why should you download THIS Puzzle GAME? Having played THOUSANDS of puzzle games there is ONE element that makes a puzzle FUN!

This COOL complete the picture puzzle has this ONE feature the other do NOT.

DRUMROLL PLEASE: Large pretty puzzle pieces!!!!!

A Cool Picture will be scrambled into several diamond pieces, hexagon pieces, or triangle pieces!

You must unscramble the beautiful picture by swapping pieces into their correct spot, in harder more advance levels you will also have to flip pieces or even rotate them! Pick your difficulty from the easiest to INSANELY challenging. Are you ready for the challenge?

Once all the pieces “click” into place you will see a very cool and beautiful picture!

Are you READY for the best most addictive Casual Game on Amazon Underground?

Can you find all the Easter eggs in our latest Hidden Scenes game?! Each scene contains one carefully hidden egg, along a host of other items to discover. Play through 20 unique levels featuring bunnies, chocolate and all things Spring!

Game Play:
Quick Puzzle Play: Play a fast random puzzle in quick play!
Standard Game: Complete all 80 levels (they get progressively harder)!
Challenge Mode: Play within a limited amount of time or moves to complete the picture.

Pick the difficulty: Small, Medium, Large, and Insane!
Choose your gameplay: Swap, Flip, Rotate, or Radial.
Mix and match this for more insanity!

– Free addictive puzzle game!
– Ton of quick addictive levels!
– Reveal cool pictures!
– Stunning landscapes and beautiful scenes!
– Awesome music and ‘clicking’ sounds!
– Short quick games to long and longer puzzles!
– Play 80 levels in standard game!
– Quick puzzle play – random quick puzzle!
– Challenge Play: Limited time/movement mode!
– Large range of pictures for all ages and tastes!
– Popular casual Hidden Scenes Brand!

Never get bored! There are so many challenges in this cool beautiful game. There are plenty of beautiful scenes to play in endless variations of how to play this complete the picture game. Download this addictive casual game now and start playing! Get the #1 casual game!

So, if you’re longing for some brain twister and looking for hard addictive jigsaw puzzles you have come to the right place. Or if you are looking for a fast quick or short casual game this app is for you too!

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