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Gateways (Entire Album)


Sinitus Tempo

About the artist


Once a man is taught to fish, he can eat for a lifetime. This quote, with its insight on learning how to prosper, was principle in the roots of Sinitus Tempo, who at an early age saw the intellectual fruit of underground hip-hop in his older brother. Now with 12 years of crafted production in his strongbox, the professed “King of Inflected Pitch” is taking antique sounds and sculpting them into jewels for future hits. Announced as Nathan Peters on March 1st, 1989, the youth of this producer was cultivated by the sounds of Madlib, Oh No, MF Doom, DJ Premier, Barry White Just Blaze and Pete Rock. The adoration of his older brother’s skill of writing music pushed the much-younger Sinitus Tempo to match the words with a touch of sound. Under the technique of “looping and adding” which allowed him to sample a record and use it repetitiously with added drum effects, was the manner in which Tempo enhanced his style—until he heard production by 9th Wonder and Khrysis of the Justus League squad. Another gem was added to his toolbox of knowledge and from there, he set forth on a journey of mastering the art of reinventing classics. Through this understanding of manipulating the pitch of old tunes, an intrigued Sinitus Tempo developed a style of his own, building a more pronounced sound that have many awaiting his signet of ability to stamp their music.

Loyal, but tight-nit is the persona of Sinitus Tempo. Working alongside childhood friend and producer Doc Battle, Tempo also manages a green, yet dynamic artist named Obii Say, making him both dually active in the business and artistic side of his production. His confidence is encouraged by a strong history of collaborations with artists such as Substantial, UptownXo (Diamond District), Add-2 (Jamla Records) and M.E.D (Stones Throw) as well as a long list of production work for artists from all over the world, ranging from names like Jun Chikuma (Original composer of bomberman and many other video game titles) to Azizi Gibson. The seeker of vintage vinyl keeps his future motives in front of him, making plans to collaborate with the ikes of Bonobo, flying Lotus, C2C, Flume, Schoolboy Q, Anderson Paak. and many more. Sinitus Tempo has also work with Roll 7 and Devolver Digital on the Ps4 Release of their game Not A Hero. He has also been praised By Funimation for his tribute LP to the company. Sinitus Has continued his reign of successful beattapes being recognized by the likes of spotify and Bittorent inc.

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Jazz/Fusion/Hip-Hop/Rap/Instrumental Hip-Hop/Pop/Dance/Electronic/Downtempo
February 22, 2017
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