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Breathless (Entire Album)


Kaleidoscope of Life

About the artist


KALEIDOSCOPE OF LIFE (KoL) is an international music project created in 2016 by keyboardist and songwriter Antonello Mitrano. Kaleidoscope of Life’s music is described as art rock, sometimes combined with genres such as progressive rock, psychedelia and electronica. Each KoL’s composition is like a rainbow of colours, tunes, sounds, emotions. Because of the structure of KoL, the recording is also different from that of most bands. Each song begins from Mitrano, who writes a song entirely on his own. Later the other members, via the internet, add their touch to it. Due to its particular nature, KoL live performances would be quite rare.

 All songs are written, composed, arranged, mixed and mastered by Antonello Mitrano.


 J G: vocals
Marco Iannetta: drums
Charles Berthoud: bass

Guido Adam Terracciano: Guitars

Antonello Mitrano: keyboards
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Rock/Progressive/Art Rock/Psychedelic Rock/Pop
January 28, 2017
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