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Jimmy La-Me

About the artist


Born Name Is James Cesar but originally Goes by the name of “Jimmy La-Mer”, . A Singer/Songwriter/Rapper/Designer from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Jimmy started his singing at the age of 8 years old being influenced by the late Michael Jackson and Bob Marley. Growing up Jimmy was involved with numerous of activities revolving around music from,being affiliated with his church choir, school and church band playing the trombone. It wasn’t until 10th grade when Jimmy chose to start recording music. He had been writing since he was in 4th grade writing poems and love notes to his crushes in school. Jimmy recording his first single “Love over Money” in 2010. The track brought jimmy a ton of attention around his high school. After a couple of years of releasing singles jimmy finally struck his desire in 2015 with his hit single #Helluvanight. The single was released on reverbnation where jimmy went from little but few plays to having 50x hits daily bring his ranking from 480 to #1 for r&b and hip-hop in his hometown Fort Lauderdale, Fl. Keeping the streak for more than a month Jimmy decided to release his self titled demo on Datpiff exclusively “Not4$ale”. After the release of the demo tape he had gain a lot of attention on social media and he begin meeting numerous of producers in the industry from K.E. on the track to Migos and Future’s producer Nard &B. By the year 2016 Jimmy took advantage of his minor buzz and performed at bars and nightclubs throughout the tri-state area in south Florida as well as Broward

College for an non-profit Organization Heart 2 Art. Jimmy influences his audience through his day today Episodes on YouTube giving viewers a chance to get personal with him. He is now working on his Debut project “Soul Food” with an unknown Release date.

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Neo-Soul/Hip-Hop/Rap/International Hip-Hop/Alternative/Indie/Indie
February 14, 2017
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