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Rock for Fame (Entire Album) (EXPLICIT)


Fishcreek Cowboys

About the artist

 Southern Rock – Cadillacs – No compromises They are cooler than the water in an unheated swimming pool. The talk is of four hard-hitting musicians from the southern border districts of Nuremberg – Rock City. At the same time, they are ready to conquer the likes of Danko Jones, Kid Rock and Airborne, they are on the way to conquer the local and global stages. Two thousand fourteen, the founding year of a fulminate rock band. With singer and bassman Christ Beier at the top, the reef Duo Clemens Apelt and Thomas Volkmann on the guitars as well as the machine Alex Hohwieler on the drums, the unmistakably hard, simple and catchy Southern Rock sound arises. With extremely creative material in the pipeline, the four devilish guys (25 years) produce an incredibly authentic Late Night Pimpin ‘Cowboy Style Rock’ n ‘Roll Show.
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