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Deaf Proof Holistic Hobos Split (Entire Album)


Deaf Proof

About the artist

DEAF PROOF play original Psychedelic Stoner with a lot of atmosphere and soul, Psychedelic Fuzz. Since its founding in 2006, the band from Freiburg has left a few members’ roles, rocking since 2013.

J. Fredo (Vocal & Guitar),
JP (bass) and
Pedro (drums)

As a perfectly harmonious trio. As of 2007, several demos have been recorded which have been enthusiastically received by the scene, especially the still fabulous “Beyond the Orange Door Demo” (2013).

It quickly became clear, that it does not stir up with desert dust and catchy riffs and with “DEATH SOUNDS ANGRY” (CD 2014, Vinyl 2015 on KrautedMind Records) the ensemble is clearly in a steep creative phase: the mature sound is now of an extremely multi-layered Sound imprinted and with dedication are created minutes, sometimes post-rocking, sometimes psychedelisch addressed parts. In this case, the vocals are often completely renounced in order to make the instrumental sound better. Consciously, the band leaves the comfort zone and breaks with established norms to develop an independent style. The triads create extremely dynamic and complex, double-digit minute monsters, which pass seamlessly into one another.  READ MORE



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June 10, 2016
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