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Momentary Comfort (Entire Album)


the connect

About the artist


Originally hailing from Germany, the connect, hip hop producer evolved into electro artist just released his digital debut EP “momentary comfort”, available online through the website The connect has had his hands in some part of the music industry since 2004. He has worked in radio, at Q 104.3 (NYC), live sound for venues across the country, produced for countless artists, and is currently working as a recording engineer at Music Factory studios in New York City. The mechanical cheetah re-appropriated by Designer Andrew Chase, being symbolic of the mechanical styling and the transformation made throughout EP, “momentary comfort” is a four track album that grabs you right out the gate and doesn’t let go. “Can’t Stop Now” hits the ground running and makes sure it has your attention with its upbeat, driving vibe. “In Short” switches it up to a much darker hip hop feel, with vocal chops to match. “20,000 Leagues” falls somewhere down the middle, seemingly slow at first it picks up with a powerful aural display of interwoven melodies. “A Lull” an experimental 0 to 60, a mix of all the rest, size wise too, with a little dub/breakbeat section to send the listener off. Behind the scenes up until now, ‘the connect’ is making a break into the forefront of a genre already picking up speed and this instrumental EP is poised to take him there. Showcasing his versatility with this highly ambitious record, his future releases promise to be even more eclectic and innovative. ‘the connect’ is carving out his own little corner of the electro world.

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Dance/Electronic/Hip-Hop/Rap/Indie/Underground Hip-Hop/Ambient
February 29, 2012
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