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Resonance (Entire Album)


Under the Purple Tree

About the artist

Resonance by Under The Purple Tree (independent release). (INDIE ROCK) Resonance is the outstanding debut ‘mini-album’ EP from a new female-fronted rock group from Australia that has garnered a lot of local attention “down under” and is destined to become more widely known in the coming year. Under The Purple Tree is singer-songwriter/guitarist Megan Barnes, guitarist/producer Matt Lee, Anthony Lee (bass), and Stephen Barrett (drums). Sir James Shipstone, former managing director for BMG Music Publishing’s Australia/New Zealand branch, frequently collaborates with the group as co-songwriter and serves as a valued mentor. Their style ranges anywhere from head-banging rockers to achingly beautiful songs of emotive themes. What sets this group apart is the beautifully expressive vocals of singer, Megan Barnes, and the band’s use of electronic loops. The EP contains five original compositions showcasing the band’s various styles and one mind-blowing cover of the Beatles classic, “Help!”, which is so impressively original and unlike anything you’ve heard before that it should go down as a classic in its own right. Resonance is the first in a series of mini-album EP’s the group plans to release in the near future, followed by a full-length studio album consisting of additional new material and some “best-of” picks from the mini-albums. Keep your eye out for Under The Purple Tree in 2013.
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Rock/Alternative/Indie/Vocal/Easy Listening
May 27, 2012
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