Free Amazon Android App of the Day 12/19/2016

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Free Amazon Android App of the day for 12/19/2016 only!

Normally $1.99 but for today it is FREE!!

Best Adult Coloring Pages

Product Features

  • Several reusable coloring books: paint as much as you want with very easy and intuitive zoom in/out
  • Dynamic palette of colors where you can pick from 16+ millions of colors, plus color picker to retrieve the exact color you have used before on the painting
  • Most recently used colors bar to quick repaint the same shade you have used before.
  • Share your pictures with all your social apps( Instagram, Watsapp, Twitter, email,etc…)
  • Take a picture to save the painting and continue painting later or just create different versions of your painting.

Product Description

Best Adult Coloring Pages is an addictive way to relax the mind while enjoying the most popular and challenging coloring pages.

We have included two wonderful books:
– “Best Sellers”, with a selection of the most popular mandalas, geometric designs and celtic wheels.
– “Long Paintings”, with the best passtime cologing pages: gardens, abstract flowers, mehndi designs and more

In order to enjoy it:
○ Select a coloring page
○ Use the color palette to select the color and tone you like.
○ Enjoy coloring by tapping on each gap of the drawing.
○ Use the pinch/drag gestures to zoom in/out and pan to get closer to the details.
○ You can save a copy to reload it continue painting

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