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A Most Clever Disaster (Entire Album)


Our Fair City


About the artist

Formed in 2008 by Joe Conboy (vocals, guitar) and Dave Leonhardt (bass) who previously played together in the now defunct band Crashing Monty. Joe had written a few songs on his own with the idea of having different friends collaborate on each of them, giving each track their own unique sound and style. He turned to Dave to play bass on the songs and help record them in his home studio. Their idea was to make original music similar to the bands they enjoyed listening to without worrying about falling into a specific genre like the pop punk/hardcore scene that was present in their area. They experimented with a few different drummers for writing and live shows, including Jason Egner(drums) who the two had known from high school. While playing with Jason, they quickly realized that his style would fit the band perfectly and asked him to join as a permanent member of the group. Once they had enough songs together, they decided to record a four song demo on their own. During the recording process, they asked their friend Chris Bratek (keyboard) to add some more elements to the mix to achieve the sound they were looking for.

After the completion of their demo, the band quickly began receiving recognition in their home of southern New Jersey and eventually branched out playing shows in the greater Philadelphia area. In 2009, the band began writing their debut full length album, “A Most Clever Disaster” that was later released in summer 2010.

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August 29, 2010
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