Google Play Free Song of the Day 9/29/2016

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When The Rush Kicks In


Peter Evrard

About the artist

Peter Evrard was born on October 19, 1974, in Vosselaar, Belgium. When he was 12 years old, his mother committed suicide, forcing the young man into a premature adulthood. Music was an escape and a comfort, and the stage became a healing place for the budding musician/thespian. After spending many years as a builder, he finally found a window into the industry through the popular World Idol competition, achieving the honor of third place in the finals. This led to a record deal and the subsequent release of the single “For You,” which sold over 70,000 copies. The full-length record Rhubarb followed in 2004; it featured songs written by Evrard, Eric Melaerts, Jan Leyers, and Jo Cassiers, and was produced by George Kooymans — founding member of Golden Earring. With his trademark long hair and goatee, Evrard,married and the father of two sons, looks poised to take his pop-metal talents worldwide.

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October 10, 2005
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  1. Taking the week off?

    • Haha nope. Just switching the songs up through Google and Amazon. I feel Google is shutting down there free music soon.

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