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Jordan Bridgman

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Heart of the Storm – Special Edition (Entire Album



Jordan Bridgman

About the artist


Jordan co-founded a garage band known as 511point7 in 2008, where he played guitar and wrote lyrics. But by late 2010, the band had begun to drift apart and hadn’t put together any formal releases, so Jordan began to focus on solo work. Bridgman devoted large chunks of time over the next year to writing and recording, fleshing out ideas that were left incomplete after the dissolution of 511point7,and coming up new and original material that fit his own, heavier vocal style. His solo efforts came to fruition for the first time in June of 2011, when he

released a 7-track EP entitled Letters From Paul.

Jordan has continued his solo work since then, further cementing a style most notably marked by heavy metalcore influences. His first full-length album, Heart of the Storm, released in January 2012, including a special edition version with 4 bonus tracks. 

Bridgman released an second EP and a new single in 2013, and an acoustic EP in 2015. 

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Metal/Metalcore/Alt Metal
January 12, 2012
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